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Team Members

Meet our principal investigator, staff, and students!

Principal Investigator


Dr. Geneviève Sauvé (she/her)

Dr. Geneviève Sauvé is an assistant professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and a researcher at the Douglas Research Centre. Her research focuses on mental health in youth and adults, occupational functioning, career counseling and artificial intelligence. She is the developer of the ‘Minds@Work’ program, an intervention aimed at improving job tenure for people living with a mental illness. She also specializes in literature reviews and meta-analyses, investigating the efficacy of psychosocial interventions.

Research Coordinator


Adèle Hotte-Meunier (she/her)

Research Coordinator/Assistant

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Jiaxuan Deng (she/her)

PhD/PsyD Student


Anaïs Lépine-Lopez (she/her)

Master's Student

Chloe Voyer (she/her)

Master's Student

Lauri-Jade Nadeau (she/her)

Master's Student

Isabelle Langlois

Master's Student

Marie-Andrée Binet

Master's Student

Félicia Bernier

Past Staff and Trainees

  • Alan Bougeard

  • Stéphanie El Asmar; Research coordinator

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