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Research Axes

Research in our lab is based on the interactions between the three research axes: 1) Individuals living with mental illness, 2) Workers and key workplace stakeholders, and 3) Psychosocial tool development.

AXIS 1: Individuals Living with Mental Illness


The first axis of our research focuses on understanding the cognitive, clinical, social, and personal factors associated with the functioning of individuals with mental illnesses.


People living with mental illness often experience difficulty with daily life functioning such as unstable employment and social isolation. Our research helps inform intervention development and refinement to improve individuals' functioning. Our research primarily involves people with severe mental illnesses (i.e., schizophrenia spectrum disorders and bipolar disorders) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Given the high psychiatric comorbidity and overlap in symptoms, we also adopt a transdiagnostic approach in many of our projects.​

AXIS 2: Workers and Key Workplace Stakeholders

The second axis of our research focuses on understanding the employment experiences of individuals with diverse backgrounds, considering their social identities including age, sex, gender, indigeneity, ethnicity, etc.

Employment is one of the most important social roles of adults, and it is one of the major social determinants of health that is not only associated with societal economics but also an individual's quality of life and health status. We use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to acquire perspectives from workers and key workplace stakeholders such as hiring agencies, recruiters, employers, and employment counsellors. 


AXIS 3: Psychosocial Tool Development


The third axis of our research focuses on developing psychosocial tools to improve employment functioning in individuals.


Dr. Geneviève Sauvé has developed an intervention called Minds@Work (click here to learn more) aiming to help individuals with mental illness find and maintain employment. We also work towards offering training to key workplace stakeholders and employment counsellors to increase awareness towards equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and employment services. 

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